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I’m Tim Paschal. I want to help you transform your visit to Olympic National Park from what could end up being recalled as just ho-hum average to such awe-inspired, jaw-dropping astonishment that you will never forget it.

My love-affair with this place began when, as a child, I visited Hurricane Ridge with my family. From that day on, I spent as much of my free time as possible hiking, backpacking, skiing, snow-shoeing, and climbing numerous Olympic Mountain peaks. During those years, I met many visitors who, for a simple lack of information, did not experience the full wonder of this amazing place. Don’t be one of those unfortunate souls!

In the 60 years that I’ve lived on the Olympic Peninsula—informed by a lifelong relationship with the Park’s gifts (and challenges), and nurtured by the many people who have dedicated their lives to its protection and preservation—I’m inspired to give back by helping others embrace the magnificence of this ancient and eternal place. I’ve been a volunteer at the Park’s Visitor Center for many years now, recounting tales of my exploits and sharing ideas and suggestions about how visitors can make the most of their time here. I created this website for them, and for you. I want your trip here to be remarkable, your experience extraordinary, your memories unforgettable.

What do you want to do or see here? The list is incomplete, but offers some intriguing possibilities based on personal experience: Long, slow beautiful beach walks; listening to the rhythmic lull of river rocks scudding in the current’s flow; the smell and feel of the soft patter of rain on a quiet forest floor; wind whispering in the tall trees; the shrill call of a marmot’s whistle announcing your arrival in a mountain meadow in full bloom; eagles soaring high above; the sun’s golden mantle as it dips below the horizon. These are but a few of the exquisite treasures that await you here.

Take your time browsing through this web site, bearing in mind two things before you start: first, where you find recommendations for commercial providers, their mention is due to my personal experience and neither they nor I gain any compensation for my effort to provide you with what I see as their time-proven quality of service; and second, where I can add information I do, and where others have already said it as well as can be said, I’ll point you in their direction. And then, let me help you get started with your plans for a visit to Olympic National Park by sending email to me at the address below.*

Can’t visit? You can take an arm-chair tour on this web site or review the Book List for an extensive array of titles specific to Olympic National Park and the Olympic Peninsula.

~ Tim Paschal
Email: onpv@olympus.net

* I will not share your email address with any person, subscription service, distribution list or organization.

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