Getting Around

Olympic National Park invites exploration, and rewards such effort with a profusion of waiting wonders. Near or far, above or below, before and beside its roads and trails, nature bursts with the sights, smells and sounds of the wilderness primitive and primeval. The progression from highway to road to trail becomes the manifestation of transition, a shift in time and space, from the mundane and known to the joy of an unfamiliar encounter. With roads that branch from the rim like the short spokes on a wheel (absent a hub) and trails that go up and down and are rarely flat, effort and purpose are the keys to unlocking this very special place. Discoveries await at each layer of travel and mode of conveyance from automobile, to day hike, to backpacking trip; the astounding magnitude and complexity of the Old Growth Forest beckons those who travel within.

To view, download or print a map of the Olympic National Park, click this link: Park Map

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