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What is this website all about? This site has been designed to introduce you to the wonders of Olympic National Park (ONP), and to help you plan your visit(s) here. I don’t want you to just stop by the Park and hope for the best; I want you to truly enjoy and experience one of the most exquisite places on Earth! That requires planning and planning requires information.

Einstein QuoteMuch of the information provided on this site is available online. But by taking advantage of what I have to offer, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and effort doing research. The clutter of tracking all that you might find online is simplified by utilizing what I’ve provided.

Why should you listen to me? Because I have lived in and around Olympic National Park for over 60 years, have explored the Park, and know a lot about this place. My enthusiasm for the entire Olympic Peninsula—and the Park in particular—is unabashed. I simply want to share insights, information, and advice about seeing its wonders with others. If that’s not enough detail for you, feel free to read the About me page.

When should you visit this site and plan your trip? It’s up to you, but I can offer suggestions. The Park is a different place in every season, and each season has a character all its own. Of course, there are no guarantees for the outcome of your trip, but I can help you plan when to be on the peninsula if you want to see something specific, and to know what to expect whenever it is that you are here. I’ll provide you with advice, recommendations and tips and tricks to make your journey memorable. To that end, the information on this website is laid out just as this Welcome page is, in a way that should help you to learn:

  • WHAT you can see, hear and do in and around the peninsula, and especially in Olympic National Park.
  • WHY you might want to see, hear or do these things.
  • WHEN is the best time to experience the things that most interest you.
  • WHERE you are most likely to see and experience these things.

Note that information will not always appear in this order, nor even under these specific headings. But whenever possible, information will be presented in a consistent manner to make it easy for you to find what you’re looking for.

Where should you go? On this website, click any menu item, image or sidebar that provides a link to more information that may be of interest to you. As for where to go when you visit the Park, your desires and expectations may include such diverse goals as viewing tide pools or standing beneath huge trees found only in old-growth forests; hiking, snowshoeing or skiing in the Olympic mountains; sighting bear, bobcat, mountain goat or Roosevelt Elk; viewing wildflowers or photographing beautiful birds; gazing in wonder at waterfalls or glaciers; or fishing for salmon in the glacial rivers.

Please let your journey as a guest of the eternal magnificence that is the Olympic National Park begin here!

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